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Short-Term Collaborative Research Residency, 2021–22

Short-term residencies are committed research groups that come to UCHRI to work together on a project already underway and with a designated outcome in sight. Residencies may run up to two weeks and are intended for between two and ten residents representing any discipline or field in the humanities and humanistic social sciences, or in conjunction with scholars, artists, scientists, and experts across various disciplines. Research projects undertaken in short-term residencies advance the field of humanistic scholarship and engage in multi-disciplinary and multi-campus research.

This year, UCHRI is particularly interested in research groups that approach humanistic problems broadly related to the theme of “Living Through Upheaval.” As you fashion your proposal, we invite you to consider how your lines of inquiry are shaped or informed by conditions of upheaval, instability, or turbulence. These forces could be external, bearing on the lives of the researchers involved, or they might be internal to the lived context(s) or sociological landscapes of the research subjects. UCHRI welcomes collaborative projects that put humanistic scholars in conversation with those from disciplines that are methodologically distinct in order to widen perspectives on the phenomena under investigation, thereby enhancing humanistic inquiry into the contours of lived chaos. 

Given the ongoing disruptions caused by the covid-19 pandemic, applicants are encouraged to propose hybrid or alternative models for Residential Research Groups. While we hope that research residencies and in-person seminars will once again be possible by Fall 2021, faculty interested in planning a group would be well advised to envision scenarios where flexibility is required, and should articulate their visions for alternative group structures in their proposals.

Eligible Applicants: UC Ladder Rank Faculty

Maximum Award: Furnished on-campus housing for up to two weeks and reasonable travel costs to UCHRI

Application Deadline: Monday, January 11, 2021

Award Announced (Expected): February 2021

Funding Source: UCHRI/UCOP

Final awards for all of our grants are contingent upon available funding. Funding must be spent in accordance with all applicable UC rules and regulations.

Applications must be submitted online via Submittable by 11:59 PM (Pacific time) on the deadline date.

Application Details

Faculty organizers must be UC ladder rank faculty members and will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of the short-term residency. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their respective campus representative on the UCHRI Advisory Committee for guidance in the application process.

Prospective faculty organizers must apply online via Submittable. Required documents include:

  • Project Title and Abstract (200 words max)
  • Project Description (2,000 words max, see details below)
  • Curriculum Vitae of the Organizer(s) (2 pages max)

Successful applications should clearly demonstrate how the theme and activities will contribute to research excellence in the humanities and include faculty participants from at least two UC campuses. Preference will be given to projects that engage three or more UC campuses and projects already underway, although UCHRI will consider less-developed projects, provided that there is a compelling case made for the benefit of an intense research residency. All project activities must take place between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

Project Description

The project description should be a maximum of 2,000 words and include the following elements:

  • Problem Statement, including a description of the topic or issue that the short-term residency seeks to address as well as its short- and long-term significance to the humanities.
  • List of Participants, including each participant’s name, campus, department, brief biography, and relevance/contribution to the collaborative project and its stated objectives.
  • Proposed Objectives of the residency, which should be a clearly-defined outcome that fits in with the broader objectives of the project already undertaken by the group.

For program related questions, please contact Shana Melnysyn, research grants manager, at smelnysyn@hri.uci.edu. Please include the name of the grant for which you need assistance.

For technical assistance, please contact Submittable at support@submittable.com.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.